Autismo Sevilla

Autismo Sevilla is a non-profit association of parents of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The organization was created on 1978.

Over 150 professionals and over 100 volunteers provide services and support to almost 1000 people with Autism every year.

Moreover, Autismo Sevilla is an Autism Resource Centre in our region offering guidance, advice and training to people with ASD, families, professionals and other organizations that support people on the Autism Spectrum.

Our MISSION: Accompany people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families in their life project, providing specialized support and generating a social change towards social harmony.

Our VISION: To be an ethical and transformative association committed to:

A common project based on shared values and personal well-being

A network of alliances to advance on accessibility and social harmony

Defending rights and creating opportunities

A sustainable future driven through excellence

The development and promotion of innovative specialized supports

Value proposition:

Specialized knowledge about ASD

Individualized response to results with impact on people

Professionalization and rigour

Networks of alliances for learning and collaboration

Confidence in our trajectory

Commitment to excellence

Our Values:


Prevalence of ASD is raising dramatically up to 1 person with ASD per 100 births. It will take the whole society and the governmental establishment to come up with an answer for the entire community of Autism and their families.

Our commitment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to grow a network of support for people with autism that involves government, social organizations, universities, the media and companies.

Through our focus on inclusion and social harmony, we have created an array of services that cater to the needs of people on the Autism Spectrum across the life span and suit each individual's needs. As a Resource Centre we offer our specialised knowledge to the society to provide supports on the person with Autism near community.


We provide a wide range of individualised services for people on the Autism Spectrum and their families through their life.

  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Early Childhood Intervention Supports
  • Psychoeducational intervention
  • Autism Specialized School
  • Individualized supports for life
  • Supports for cultural and sport activities
  • Respite for families
  • Daily adult support Services
  • Employment Support
  • Independent living Services
  • Residence
  • Social and Legal Support

Autism Resources Centre

As a specialized organization on Autism in our region, we provide training and advice for professionals, families and organization.

Specialising other organizations, schools, and services in our region is one of our main goals. We have foster a training service that offer different training choices for families and professionals that suit for each individual need. We lead a Master on Autism Spectrum Disorders on Universidad Pablo de Olavide, and participate on different Congresses, Courses and Workshops in collaboration with Local Goverment and Regional Universities.

Main Projects

Moreover our main Services, we participate in different projects that foster innovation and colaboration with other steakholders in the field of:

  • Accesibility. Es+Fácil (Is Easy) is a Project to promote accesibility for people with Autism in public and private buildings as well as make documents Easy to Read for people with Autism.
  • Health Care Accesibility. In collaboration with Primary Health Services and Hospitals we are developing procedures and supports to promote better experience for people with Autism on the Health Care Public Network.
  • Sport and culture for Inclusion. Collaborating with local organization on providing inclusive choices in their community
  • Inclusive Education. Fostering school community (teachers and students without Autism) training in order to include students with ASD
  • Advocacy and Self-determination. Promote people with Autism awareness, information about their rights and empowerment to defend their rights.
  • Supported Housing. Innovating in different choices for independent living in community.
  • Employment. From Supported Employment approach, we raise awareness about people with Autism rights and strengths.
  • Family empowerment. Providing families training and skills to become the main leaders on their children education and participation.
  • Technology and Digital Transformation. Technological supports for improving autonomy and independence of people in the Autism Spectrum and digital transformation to improve assessment, decision making and organizational management.
  • Ethics Foster an ethic commitment among all the organization stakeholders.
  • Professional specialized training. Creating training choices for different professional’s profile that helps organizations specialize their support teams.

Awards and certifications

We have received many awards that recognize the path we have lived through in order to develop equal opportunities policies and to improve expectations on future in people with ASD and their families.

  • Andalusian Volunteer Award in 2001
  • Best Non Profit Organization in 2009
  • Award of Educative Merit in 2009 and 2014
  • Good Practises in attention to people with disabilities Award in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015
  • Lux et Veritas Award in 2011
  • Good Practises Award, from the Spanish professional association AETAPI in 2012 and 2018.
We are certified with 600+ points on the European Excellence model EFQM since 2022

European Projects

EU Programme Title of Project Year Applicant/Beneficiary Name
ERASMUS+ KA3 Kaleidoscope: Herramientas y recursos para promover políticas que impacten positivamente en las personas con diversidad funcional. 2016 Autismo Sevilla (Spain)
ERASMUS+ KA3 Kaleidoscope EUROPE: Encuentro Transnacional para promover Políticas que impacten positivamente en las Personas con Diversidad Funcional. 2017 Autismo Sevilla (Spain)
ERASMUS+ KA3 Ethics Works! 2017 Institución de Asuntos Culturales IACE (Spain)
ERASMUS +: Sport, Youth and EU Aid Volunteers Small Collaborative Partnerships in the field of Sport SISAAP: sport for increasing socialization and abilities of autistic people 2019 Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione (Italy)
ERASMUS+ KA2 Waves of inclusión (WOI) “Olas de inclusión: mejorando las competencias sociales, valores y derechos fundamentales” 2020 Autismo Sevilla (Spain)
ERASMUS+ KA2 Digitool 2020 Inovar Autismo Asociation of citizenship and inclusion (Portugal)
ERASMUS+ KA2 INTUX: “INtroducing training on user Testing with people with disabilities into UX design and related higher education programmes” 2022 Funka Nu AB (Sweden)